Key Principles

No two therapists work in quite the same way! Even therapists who have trained in the same approach have their own distinctive way of working which grows out of countless personal and professional experiences. It is important to find a therapist who you connect with; with whom you feel safe and comfortable but also someone you feel challenged and inspired by. Meeting person to person is the best way of judging this, but I will try to give you a flavour of the personal philosophy that I bring to my work as therapist and supervisor.

I believe that:

  • People are endlessly creative... Despite damaging childhoods, difficult life experiences and the most painful losses, we are all capable of turning our lives around for the better. It just takes courage and the right kind of help.
  • The process of making life better is just as worthwhile as the outcome. Somehow the whole process of confronting and solving the apparently insurmountable problems that bring us to therapy can also bring renewed meaning and poignancy into our lives.
  • My commitment to my own personal growth is, by far, my most important asset.
  • My commitment to my own supervision ensures that I am practising safely and ethically. It provides me with the support necessary to meet the emotional and intellectual demands of my work.
  • Being inspired by new ideas is an important part of me approaching my work in a creative and resourceful way. This may come though ongoing personal research, through dialogue with valued peers and colleagues, or more formally through my continuing professional development training.
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